Loudest creature in the world lives in my bedroom!

No not a baby, nor me snoring, actually I cannot be absolutely sure what it is, as I have never caught the culprit in the act, they are so tiny!! On warmer days and nights throughout the year, from behind the wardrobe in one corner and from an under-eave cupboard in the opposite I am treated to a vocal battle, a veritable Caruso v.Pavarotti effort!!  A steady quip..quip…quip…quip, repeated periodically but often replied to by the neighbouring singer. But what is making this noise you might ask? I think they are soft bodied creatures less than 3mm long from the order Pscocoptera… Booklice no less. I had regular choruses from amongst my insect collection store boxes (which heave with the little blighters!) at my old house in Medstead, but so far have only heard them in my boudoir, here a few kilometres away in Four Marks. The record books claim the loudest creature per size is a bug called a water-singer a Micronecta spp., and I can confirm that they make astonishing loud zip like calls from under water, having kept all sorts of water bugs in indoor aquaria. But Booklice are hardly rigid insects, yet they are clearly audible from 4m away!! If the BBC Wildlfe unit are listening you are welcome to help me catch the little devil’s singing away and I suspect will make the Guiness record book into the bargain!!!

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