Beware the ice of March!

On this day in 2005 it was 22 degrees C in the shade!, and we had to wet the patio flags so we could walk on them!!  Wish it was like that today, the trend for mid-late march being one of the most settled and lovely parts of the year is very much broken!

In 1770 Gilbert White records ‘milk frozen in the pantry’.

1773 ‘many sorts of insects come out, hot in the sun’

It has always been a fickle old month.

Just last thursday I was watching the likes of Bee-eaters, Sand Martins, and Whinchats sweltering under the Ghanaian sun, already looking northward. Pied & Spotted Flycatchers had already become thinner on the ground from the first week of march, so preumably had started their epic journey!

Good luck to them! Our local guides William and Bafu were astonished to hear of the 19 year-old Pied Flycatcher found in Wales last year. After flying for hour upon hour over so much utter Saharan nothing, that anything makes it across seems utterly miraculous!

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