Putting Bristletails on the map


Despite a couple of them sharing our homes, Thysanura are one of the most neglected of Insect families. Silverfish are still a widespread and common commensal, Firebrat was, but how much has it declined?? The genus Dilta is invariably found in old unimproved habitats and are a great flagship species. Any sites supporting the likes of D.hibernica & D.littoralis which aren’t currently protected, should be, for they will be part of a very rich assemblage. I have been collecting records from the literature, but the discovery of a new species to science D.chateri in Wales, means that old records require rechecking, and the already scant coverage is now a mess.¬†They have just been added to mapmate, so it is a good time to try and make sense of their distributions
Dilta sp. Cuxton Kent

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