I was woken a couple of nights ago by a bizarre regular chuckling noise in the garden. At first I thought it must be a male Marsh Frog in the pond, but not known anywhere near. Turned out to be a pair of hedgehogs. The calling went on for well over an hour! Last time I witnessed such a spectacle was in the delightfully named Fairybead Syke wood next to my childhood home in Cumbria. Here a pair were found nose to nose hissing and jerkily head butting each other, followed by the male running rings around and around the female. I guess it’s very wise for the male to not rush things!

Good to know there are still some about, I had a regular last year who left a little calling card every time she/he squeezed under the side gate! Had feared the worst as some moron ran over a large female just up the road last week.

A few years ago in Alton we had one which came to food ,and announced his arrival with a zip like a comb on a table edge has he /she also had to do the hedgehog limbo under the wooden gate

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