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Spirit Of Selborne

Four Marks is one of the youngest parishes in Hampshire, so named because it is surrounded by four other older parishes, including Farringdon where the legendary father of British Natural History Gilbert White was curate.

Four Marks/Medstead is the highest railway station in Southern England, and the views out from the numerous lofty footpaths and bridleways afford spectacular vistas. To the east Butser Hill, and Selborne Hanger, and beyond the Weald and South Downs, extending into Sussex. Northward the Surrey heaths, Hog’s Back, and North Downs, North West the high chalk rolls off into Berkshire, and perhaps most surprising of all, is the Purbeck Range of Dorset peeping out over the rolling Hampshire downs.

For the enquiring naturalist, this countryside holds more secrets and wonders than could fill many lifetimes of study. These pages are an invitation to join in with the endlessly rewarding exploration and recording of the fauna and flora for which Gilbert White was such a sublime pioneering spirit.