Hampshire & Isle of Wight Beetles

I am recording and collecting records of all Coleoptera from Hampshire and IoW, and have completed a provisional checklist for VCs 10, 11 and 12, which is available to download below. It is slightly out of date re recent checklist updates!!

A provisional Atlas of the Aquatic beetles of North Hampshire (Vc12) will appear here shortly, with maps and colour photos of most species!

atlas of vc12 aquatic coleoptera.pdf


The scheme currently operates on Mapmate and I am happy to receive synched .sqz files. I am also happy to receive your records in any other format – electronic or paper. A Mapmate formatted .xls spreadsheet with an example of how we would prefer your data to be formatted is available on request and is highly recommended as this can save a lot of time at our end.

Dr.Jonty Denton, 31 Thorn Lane, Four Marks, Hampshire, GU34 5BX. jontydenton@aol.com

Hampshire Beetles

hampshire recorded squares

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