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I am a vastly experienced wildlife guide. With many years experience in leading entertaining tailor- made  informative guided walks/lectures for all from beginners to professional ecologists wishing to hone their skills in areas such as herpetology and entomology. I also regularly provide team-training exercises to instruct site managers in the field with all aspects of habitat management.

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  1. Hannah Roughley

    Dear Dr Denton,

    My name is Hannah Roughley and I am a Countryside Ranger for The Borough of Reigate and Banstead. I am extremely interested (to the point of obsession perhaps!) in inverts having specialised in these during my Zoology Degree and as part of my hobbies and reading. Aquatic inverts and our solitary Hymenoptera are my strong passion!

    I am currently researching the Archeology along one of the River Mole tributaries (The Earlswood Brook)for a Guided Walk leaflet that I am updating, and would also really like to survey some of the area for aquatic inverts as interesting topics . I would be extremely interested to know if this part of the Mole has any evidence of Meotica anglica, as there are some very prominent shingle banks and riffles along the Brook. Has this part of the mole ever been investigated to your knowlege?

    I am also a budding Ecologist and hope to one day continue my professional development in this area, bridging the gap between Theoretical and practical Ecology. I would like to also offer my assistance (should you ever require any help in collecting data, report writing or just general support of your work and paper-writing…no payment required of course!)

    I would appreciate any comments or feedback and look forward to hearing from you soon,
    Kind regards,


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