Freshwater Invertebrates

Over a quarter of a century of recording Britain’s aquatic invertebrate fauna.

Rivers, lakes, ponds, mires, fens, springs.

Licensed White-Clawed Crayfish surveys

Water resource management.

2 thoughts on “Freshwater Invertebrates

  1. Raoul Gerend

    Dear Mr Denton,

    I just came across your name on a label of a Hydraenopsis specimen from Cameroon collected back in 1997. A batch of African Hydraenopsis was given to me on loan by Manfred Jäch from Vienna as I am currently working on material from that country housed in the Alexander Koenig museum in Bonn. Most of the specimens I dissected so far seem to belong to species not yet described. As this might be the case for the species you collected in 1997, I would be glad to get more details about the locality, the habitat and the sampling method. I’ll let you know as soon as possible whether the species is new to science.
    Kind regards,
    Raoul Gerend (Dudelange-Luxembourg)


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