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Tenebrionoidea Recording Scheme


Records are welcomed for the following families:- Mycetophagidae, Tetratomidae, Melandryidae, Mordellidae, Ripiphoridae, Colydiidae, Tenebrionidae, Oedemeridae, Meloidae, Mycteridae, Pythidae, Pyrochroidae, Salpingidae, Anthicidae, Aderidae, & Scraptiidae. Please note that although the Ciidae fall within the Tenebrionoidea, Dr.Glenda Orledge is collating records.

The aims of the scheme are to produce provisional online distribution maps for these families over the coming years, and eventually provide data to the NBN gateway. The scheme also aims to further improve autecological knowledge via species accounts.

The scheme has already collated a sizable dataset thanks to the BRC, local records centres, various county recorders, natural history societies and individuals. Literature searches and data collection from museum sources has also begun, subject to time availability.

Thus far these data have contributed to datasearch requests from a variety of organisations, academic and conservation projects, county recording schemes and interested individuals. Data is currently being incorporated into a national review of the super-families conservation statuses.

You can help by sending in your records and observations as an individual or as part of a group or organised records centre; sending good quality photographs of species in nature or as set specimens for use in online publications etc; volunteering to extract data from your local museum collection, historic literature or data mining reliable online resources.

The scheme currently operates on Mapmate (for which there is a scheme filter) and is happy to receive synched .sqz files. We are also happy to receive your records in any other format – electronic or paper. A Mapmate formatted .xls spreadsheet with an example of how we would prefer your data to be formatted is available on request and is highly recommended as this can save a lot of time at our end.

Scheme organisers:

Jonty Denton


Camphor Beetle Recording Scheme

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