Oxfordshire Beetles

John Campbell has been collecting beetles (amongst everything else) across Oxfordshire for over a quarter of a century. I have been identifying a lot of the material over the past decade or so, and together we are working towatrd a complete atlas of Modern Oxfordshire Coleoptera. This is not only VC23, but also the chunk of Vc22 (Berkshire) assigned to modern administrative county of Oxfordshire.  The attachment includes a draft county checklist for Vc22 and Modern Oxon. If you can add new species, or have any records for the county please send them along, as an atlas is already in production.  For the remainder of Vc23 Berkshire the recorder is Lloyd Garvey  who is happy to receive records which he enters on mapmate. contact him via;-  lloyd.garvey@thestick.co.uk

oxon beetle_checklist 

Berkshire Beetles

Denton, J & Campbell, J.M. 2013. A Provisional checklist of the Coleoptera of Oxfordshire. The columns include sub-fossil records from Early Holocene= E.Hol or H, Rom= Roman, Medieval= Med, Iron Age = Ir.Age, Saxon = Sax.

oxon density 10km

oxon 2km

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  1. Prof Richard Fortey

    I have bought a small classic piece of Chiltern beechwood near Henley part of Lambridge Wood SSSI. As part of a literary project I wish to determine as much of the fauna as possible, including beetles. I have colleagues at the NHM who have said they can help, and I have made some collections for them. But they are busy people, and it may be that there are local experts who might like to sample my wood (within SU 7384) in which case they would be most welcome, and would help them in their endeavours, including expenses. Thanks to a local volunteer we already have 130 moth spp recorded, for example.


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