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Looked in at the Devil’s Arrows at Boroughbridge, Yorkshire last week (I remember when you could still see them from the old A1) it is appauling that such a thought provoking, iconic monument should be so shoddily treated. Bosworth Field is signposted from miles around on the road network and yet the visitor will get to see… well a field!  The Devil’s Arrows are a line of three of the tallest standing stones in Europe, higher than the sarsens at Stonehenge, yet you can no longer look at the alignment ( a tall hedge blocks the roadside one from the other two which are off limits in a cornfield). Proof that we have so much wonderful history we dont know what to do with it! Imagine if these were in America!! Come on English Heritage, just how hard would it be to come to an agreement for access, it is crazy such wonders are off limits!