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  1. Spraying wood chip all over the place is natural.

If the greater abundance of decaying smallwood is partly behind the massive increase in bramble, how is all the chipped wood being sprayed over our verges and wood edges going to help??

 2. Lowland nature reserves are not dog toilets.

A council census of visitors to The Moat Car-park, Thursley, to ask why they were there, didn’t have ‘so dog could crap on the NNR’ as an option! The log jam caused by the clipboard wielding jobsworths caused several wicked dog fights!! Is there anything funnier than middle class southern ladies trying to stop the pampered mutt she thinks is so civilised from doing what comes natural??

3. Water Voles are rare because of habitat loss!

Water Voles are rare because mink eat them, and  consultants like it that way as it is something else big and charismatic they can then get paid to look for them.

 4. The New Forest isn’t overgrazed.


 5. Parakeets are a welcome addition to our fauna.

 6. The Basingstoke Canal is Britain’s richest waterway.

Not anymore! I shunned the Royal wedding to survey the Hampshire section: Didn’t see a dragonfly, and only 2 damsels! Found 4 water beetles species in 40 samples, In 1997 I found 17 species in one! In all cases on the open unshaded side!!

 7. Sycamore is a native species.

 8. Shoving 200 French Partridge out into a field doesn’t make it less suitable for Grey Partridge!

 9. Humans are not part of ecosytems.

 10. Ecology is less prone to ‘fashion trends’ than other walks of life.

 BTW I don’t listen to radio 4 news anymore but isn’t it that time of year when the TODAY programme get that nutter (who clearly never uses any part of the British Transport network, at least not the bits that requires wheels) on to tell us cowslips are going extinct?