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Wandering Odonata larvae

Found a Libellula depressa larvae today (13.5) in Bucks, wandering along on grass, 20m from edge of pond from which I assume it had just emerged. It had rained overnight so the grass was moist, and it seemed determined to continue its march, possibly heading toward a Juncus tussock, but it had bipassed the abundant reeds that edge the pond!

At Black Pond , Esher,  Cordulia aenea larvae seem to prefer to climb up the large beech trees along the dam, they seem to avoid the oaks! The two pictured are under a fungal bracket 8 foot up a tree, some 24ft from the pond edge with a gracvle track adn sleeper retaining wall to negotiate. The longest journey was to a similar position 14ft up an adjacent beech!